Lovely Louisiana

Let me live in Louisiana
Where the winding bayous flow,
Where mocking birds sing all night long
And wild azaleas grow.
Where cottonfields are ghostly white
When the harvest moon rides high and bright,
Where voices are crooning with delight
In lovely Louisiana.
Let me hear the forest singing
To the melody of years
As it sang to hearts of the long ago
In their laughter and their tears.
Where stately pines and sycamore
And age old oaks on the sandy shore
Will whisper their secrets evermore
In lovely Louisiana.
Let me live in Louisiana
Where the wild geese furl their wings
Near the trapper's hut in the trembling marsh
And the upland's crystal springs.
Where faithful souls of a sturdy race
Still pray to God through His loving grace –
In the whole wide world I have found no place
Like lovely Louisiana.
Emma Wilson Emery
Poet Laureate of Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana founded by Jean Baptiste le Moyne sometime during 1718. This city once became part of the Spanish Empire because of the Treaty of Fontainebleau.

During 1801, Napoleon sold New Orleans in the Louisiana Purchase.

Andrew Jackson fought on the New Orleans soil during the War of 1812; this became known as the Battle of New Orleans.

Sometime during 1884, New Orleans held the World Cotton Centennial, better known as the World's Fair.
sugar plantation
Among New Orleans businesses are Entergy, IBM, BellSouth and ConocoPhillips. Michoud Assembly Facility and Lockheed-Martin are also housed in the city.
Those associated with New Orleans are Louis Armstrong, Truman Capote, Kitty Carlisle, Ellen DeGeneres, Fats Domino, Bryant Gumble and Lillian Hellman.
New Orleans celebrates Black Heritage Festival, Octoberfest, the Louisiana Crawfish Festival, the Gumbo Festival, Prince of Peace Church Craft Show, the Tennessee Williams Literary Festival and the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.
live oaks
Other festivities include the Essence Music Festival, Satchmo Summerfest, the Louisiana Swamp Festival, Halloween in New Orleans, Christmas New Orleans Style and the Bayou Classic.

The state flower of Louisiana is the magnolia.
Louisiana is the only US state which does not have counties. Its political subdivisions are called parishes

Louisiana is the only state that still refers to the Napoleonic Code in its state law.
Louisiana greeting
Louisiana was named in honor of King Louis XIV.

The word Bayou is thought to come from the Choctaw word bayuk which means small stream.

Louisiana has 2482 islands and wins second place for total island acreage in the United States.

Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Montana celebrated the Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial throughout 2003.
louisiana purchase

For complete details (with an extensive pictorial view) of the Louisiana Purchase: Visit
Louisiana Department of State (http://www.sec.state.la.us/purchase/worldview.htm)
An Online Educational Resource from LSU Libraries Special Collections

Louisiana StateMuseum

Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial


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