How ta' Eat dem Crawfish

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Tak ya pirogue down de bayou a ways an catch yosef bout
tirty pounds o dem crawfish.

notes beer beer beer beer beer beer notes

Dis will tak bout six beers.
notes crawfish notes

Den tak dem crawfish home an tro
dem in yo rain barrel or other clean water
Den add a box of rock salt.
Let dem soak for bout one mo beer.

crawfish beer crawfish

notes While dem crawfish is purgin... notes
start yur boil pot on de cook fire.

fox crawfish raccoon

Tro in de spice,
de whole onion,
de corn
an' de new potatoes
an' let dem boil for one mo beer.

notes beer notes

Den tro in de crawfish wid two box rock salt,
tree or two cut lemon, mo spice an de cayenne pepper.

beer Let all dat boil up real good fo bout two mo beers. beer

crawfish Put dat ole newspaper on de table
and warm de bread.

When de crawfish is done,
pour out da water.
Den dump out de crawfish on
de table an set out de bread.

notes lobster notes

player Den set down fo a Cajun
Seven Course Meal -

Six beers an a pile 'o crawfish!
beer beer beer beer beer beer

crawfish crawfish

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