Humor and Folk Lore
Bayou Country "A CAJUN TOAST"

May there be crawfish in your nets
And gumbo in your pot.
May the Sac-au-Lait be biting
At your favorite fishing spot.

May God's sun be shining brightly
When you need its cheerful rays.
May the oak tree shade you gently
On those lazy bayou days.

May a Bourree game be waiting
When all your work is through.
May the fais-do-do bring pretty girls
To toss a wink at you.

And when your time is over
And your place on earth is gone,
May you waltz right into heaven
To the tune of "Jolie Blonde"

You Might be Cajun If:

  • You consider gravy a beverage.
  • You think the Fantastic Four are:
    John Folse, Paul Prudhomme, Justin Wilson & Tony Chachere.
  • You see a Revival Tent and think "Festival"
  • Your childs favorite bedtime story starts with "First you make a roux".
    (Base of flour and fat used to thicken and flavor many Creole and Cajun dishes.)
  • You know the meaning of KEEYAW!
  • You have called someone a DOS GRIS (doe gree).
    (And Know what it means)
  • You think "Damn Yankees" live north of Bunkie.
  • You have had donuts & beer for breakfast.
  • Your boat has more horse power than your car.
  • You start angel food cake with a roux.
  • Fred's Lounge in Mamou means more to you than the Grand Ole Opry.
  • You use a Gill net for tennis, volleyball, & badminton.
  • You Know the difference between Zatarains, Zeringue, & Zydeco.
  • You greet your friends with" A EEEE"!
  • Any of your dessert recipes call for Jalapenos.
  • You use your pirogues (pee-row) to protect newly planted tomatoes.
    Cajun canoe, originally made from a dug-out cypress log
    (small boat like a canoe)
  • Watching "Wild Kingdom" inspires you to write a cookbook.
  • You think a lobster is a crawfish on steroids.
  • You think boudin (boo dan), hogshead cheese, & Bud are a bland diet.
    Boudin: Cajun-made sausage of pork and rice and spices.
    Sociologists recognize two major categories of Cajuns
    the River (for andouille) 'Cajuns'
    and the Bayou (for boudin) 'Cajuns'
  • You add Tabasco to 5-alarm Texas chili.
  • You think Ground Hog day & Boucherie Day are the same Holiday.
    Boucherie (Boo-Cher-Ree) - A festive hog killing where neighbors are invited.
  • To you, the four seasons are onions, celery, bell pepper & garlic.
  • You have an "Envie" for something instead of a craving.
  • You pass up a trip to Europe to go to the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival.
  • If you call winter time, gumbo, geaux geaux, & do-do weather.
  • You learned Bourre (BOO ray) while standing in your crib.
    Popular Cajun card game, sometimes called Cajun Bridge
  • You think a 7-course meal is a 6 pack & a link of boudin.
  • You give up tabasco for lent.
  • You let your black coffee cool, and find it has jelled.
  • You know the four food groups as boiled, broiled, baked seafood & beer.
  • You can pronounce "Atchafalaya & Delcambre".
  • You look at a rice field and know how much gravy is needed to cover it.
  • Your Mom starts the rice and asks "what do you want for dinner?"
  • Your gourmet recipes include the words "deep fat fried".
  • If your "other white meat" is frog legs or alligator.
  • The national anthem starts off, "Jambalaya, crawfish pie, file' gumbo".
    Jambalaya: (jam-bah-lah-ya) A traditional Southern Louisiana rice dish.
    File': (fee-lay) ground sassafras leaves used to thicken and flavor gumbo.
    Gumbo: A deep rich Cajun stew often thickened with okra or file
  • You stand up & put your hand over your heart when you hear "Jolie Blonde".
  • Grits and Grillades (gree-yahds) are your most favorite breakfast.
    Beef or veal round steak, browned, then simmered until
    tender in browned tomato sauce, served over rice or grits.
  • You use Tasso & Andouille instead of Ham in your Beans.
    Andouille (ahn-doo-ee) Cajun sausage made with pork
    Tasso: (tah-so): Thin cut highly seasoned smoke cured ham.
  • Modem is something done to grass.
  • A mouse pad is a home for Mickey & Minnie.
  • A screen helps keep the bugs off the porch.
  • On line is where you stay during a field sobriety test.
  • Fax is what you lie about to the I.R.S.
  • Backup is what you do when you see a skunk in the woods.

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baton rouge

The mornings are hot and humid, the afternoon storms have started to form (with the resultant accidents and rainy-weather traffic), and the nights are unbearable and muggy, 'hurricane season has begun'. I checked the calendar and it fits into the four seasons of Baton Rouge

(LSU Football, Mardi Gras, Crawfish, and Hurricane).

This year, like the past four years, starts without the sage wisdom of the king of hurricanes, Nash Roberts. The Weather Channel is no substitute, but at least I can watch fools stand in the rain and wind and tell me that it is rainy and windy (and that the local authorities have told them repeatedly to evacuate). But even without Nash's reassuring presence on TV, I still count June 1 to November 30 as my favorite time of the year, not for the hot weather, humidity, or the promise of West Nile, but for the clouds.

The hurricane clouds are one of the most organized sights on the horizon. Ever take a gander skyward as a hurricane prepares to make landfall? That 500-mile wide band of low-pressure clouds is one single organism, created out of the warm winds of Africa, nurtured by the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, then beaching itself like your mom in the black one-piece, sunning at Grand Isle Beach. What a disturbing image. But I digress.

Hurricane clouds are the most amazing sight to see the day before the storm. It is either the air pressure starting to drop ahead of the storm or the thought of spending the next couple days drunk, watching the wind rip through my apartment complex, but it always feels like Christmas Eve the day before the storm rips through town. And those clouds just pass overhead, spinning so fast you can see them rotate, as you finalize which hurricane party to do your keg stand at. (Try to learn from the 24 victims of the Richelieu Apartments from Hurricane Camille and at least party anywhere but in a flood zone.)

I think that the key to enjoying hurricane season is in the prep work. Call me a nerd, but buried in the back of my closet is a box with a couple gallons of drinking water, enough batteries to power my TV for a week, unscented candles that I could use if I ever get a woman over at my place, duct tape (one of the best inventions ever), and a manual can opener. (The electric can opener doesn't work when the power goes out, and how often do you think of the little things like that?) Getting this simple gear and storing it in your house when hurricane season starts allows you the pleasure of watching the chaos of all the others as they run around with 12 hours until landfall, trying to get the stuff you got two months ago.

So this year, as in years past, Dr. William Grey of Colorado State University makes the prediction of 12-15 named storms this season, with four or five major hurricanes occurring this year. But why Colorado State? It's like Mississippi State offering yearly earthquake predictions for California, and I bet they would be about as accurate. If CSU wanted to impress me, they would at least give us dates of storms and landfall predictions, but hey, I guess that's what psychics are for.

Take care, good luck, and remember 'at least we can see our natural disasters coming days in advance'.
Source: Holden R Wright~ RED SHT!CK MAGAZINE

Cajun Family Tree
  • His dizzy Aunt ---------- Vertie Geaux
  • The brother who loved prunes ---------- Gotta Geaux
  • The brother with constipation problems ---------- No Geaux
  • The cousin who worked at a convenience store --- Stop 'n Geaux
  • The grandfather from Yugoslavia ---------- U Geaux
  • The nephew from Illinois ---------- She Car Geaux
  • His magician uncle ---------- Where Diddy Geaux
  • His Mexican cousin ---------- A Me Geaux
  • The Mexican cousin's American sister ---------- Gring Geaux
  • The nephew who drove an armored car ---------- Loomis Far Geaux
  • The uncle serving time in Angola ---------- Lemme Geaux
  • The ballroom dancer ---------- Tang Geaux
  • The bird-lover uncle ---------- Flo Ming Geaux
  • His over confident nephew ---------- E Geaux
  • The fruit-loving cousin ---------- Mang Geaux
  • An aunt who's an optimist ---------- Way To Geaux
  • The bouncy little nephew ---------- Poe Geaux
  • A sister who loved disco ---------- Go Geaux
  • The neice who had an oversized van ---------- Winnie Bay Geaux
    (And there you Geaux!
(Thanks, Sissy!)

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